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Welcome to Net Partner where you can:

Check the status of your financial aid

View outstanding documents or processes

View, accept or decline financial aid awards

Check the current status of your loan(s) and review your loan history


Log In Instructions and Accessibility

First Time Users

Watch the How to Log In Video here:


  • Enter your Belmont Abbey College Student ID in the Log In box above (Example:  P000099901)
  • Click on the First Time User link at the bottom of the Log in Box
  • Follow the on screen instructions to establish your identity, set up security questions and create a password. 
  • Remember the password you create.  You will need it to log into Net Partner in the future.

Returning Students

  • Enter your Belmont Abbey College Student ID in the Log in box (Example:  P000099901)
  • Enter your Password in the password box 
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot your Password"
  • You must have a financial aid record established at Belmont Abbey College for 2017-18 in order for you to use this system. This means that you must be a new student who has been accepted for admission or a returning student who has registered for Fall 2017 classes.  If you have not begun the financial aid application process, you can get started by completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid at www.FAFSA.gov . If you are not interested in any need-based federal, state or institutional grants or loans, please notify the Financial Aid Office. You can contact us at FinancialAidOffice@bac.edu  by phone at (704) 461-7000 to have your FAFSA waived.

Belmont Abbey College school code is 002910.